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The real Rick Nolan, Second Amendment edition

It's understatement to say that Stuart Mills is hitting Rick Nolan's voting record on Second Amemdment issues. Similarly, Nolan's Second Amendment views don't fit the Eighth District. This website shows how off-the-reservation Nolan is with the Second Amendment:

Rick Nolan On the Record
The NRA is “very toxic in the effect they’re having on the American public.” – Rick Nolan, MSNBC, 2013
“…I am concerned over the easy accessibility of small handguns… I will vote to prohibit the sale or manufacture of such weapons.” – Rick Nolan, Constituent Letter, 1977
“I think we should outlaw assault rifles.” Rick Nolan, DFL Primary Debate, 2012
“I don’t need an assault weapon to shoot a duck, and I think they ought to be banned…” Rick Nolan, Face the Nation, 2013
“…I think we need to put a ban on the amount of shells you can carry in a magazine.” Rick Nolan, Face the Nation, 2013

Those are the statements of a hard left progressive. They aren't the statements of a person that consistently supports the Second Amendment. It didn't take much time on the Nolan for Congress Issues Page to learn that he's a hard left lefty on other issues important to the Eighth District:

The Environment

The environment, our air, lakes, rivers and forests, are crucial to our 8th district economy. The degradation of our air and water, along with global warming, threaten the very survival of our species here on mother earth. We must protect the environment in order to preserve our way of life and our tourism industry.

Saying that there's "degradation of 'our air and water'" is a coded way of saying that he's anti-mining. In the minds of environmental activists, mining is the root of all evil. That statement identifies Nolan as a far left environmentalist.

Simply put, Rick Nolan sounds like a Metrocrat. His anti-Second Amendment record fits with the Metrocrats. His anti-mining statements certainly fit with the Metrocrats' anti-mining agenda, too. In short, there isn't much about Rick Nolan that says his policies fit with the Eighth District.

Stuart Mills has run a smooth campaign. Some of his videos have hit Nolan hard. Others have shown Mills as a likeable guy who can be trusted.

Meanwhile, Rick Nolan comes across as a typical DC politician. He isn't a principled politician, either.

That's why Rick Nolan has an uphill fight for re-election.

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