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The real price of fashion

For many years, people have taken a stand to help end animal cruelty. Are you ready to join them?
For many years, people have taken a stand to help end animal cruelty. Are you ready to join them?

Each year, over 45 million animals are killed worldwide for their fur, according to This startling statistic does not include rabbits, as there is no reliable data for these animals according to the site. Additionally, the site states that these animals are killed inhumanely (gassing, neck-braking and anal electrocution) after being cage-raised and suffering from numerous physical and behavioral abnormalities that are induced from the caging conditions. With all of this information about animal cruelty, it’s hard to believe that fur is still popular amongst so many people.

Over the years, various animal rights groups have been formed and are continually trying to increase awareness about animal cruelty. One organization many people have probably heard of is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and their ‘I’d rather go naked’ campaigns that have featured many celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Eva Mendes and Pamela Anderson. Celebrities have taken a stand against animal cruelty so why not you?

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes people don’t consider where their fashion comes from. I asked some people about their shopping ventures and as shocking as it was to hear, people that buy leather jackets and purses or coats with fur trimmings hardly ever think of where their items come from – they just appreciate the look and feel of them. When the conversation went a bit further into how these fashion items actually condone animal cruelty, I was surprised to see how shocked people actually were. One of the most startling things for them to hear was how inhumanely these animals are being treated and killed.

For all of you devoted readers who enjoy the look and feel of real fur and leather, did you know that many stores have created items that have a similar look and feel? Think of it this way: you can be in style, you can wear items you love and still take a stand against condoning animal cruelty. Sounds like a win win to me. One store in particular that sells these items is Express. They sell a faux leather jacket that looks and feels just like real leather – you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and the best part other than the fact that it’s cruelty free is that you can get it at a fraction of the cost of real leather. What's not to love? Animals have a right to live just as we do so take a stand against animal cruelty today.

Are you one of those people that bought fur and leather without every thinking about how these items affect animals? Do you know of any great stores selling faux fur and leather? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Email me at Be sure to put ‘Examiner’ in the subject line. XOXO!