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The real Music Man: Collie Conman on the run

Collie Conman Nicholas Patterson
Arborhaven Collies

Being a clean-cut white male who is musically talented does have advantages and some men will take advantage of that. Nicholas Lynn Patterson, 30, is apparently one of those men and he's wanted in two states for different charges: embezzling and cruelty to animals.

In Florida, he was working for Global Tech LED. His LinkedIn profile lists him as the Director of Marketing. Beginning in October, he was working there since October 2012 and his LinkedIn resume hasn't been updated yet. The company is based in Naples, Florida and founded in 2008 according to Manta. Manta estimates its annual revenue estimate is $75,000. categorizes Global Tech is a residential electric lighting fixture manufacturing and commercial, industrial and institutional electric lighting fixture manufacturing company. The sales volume is $7.02 million and it has 10 of less employees. Small companies might not have the resources to research every resume they get and they may not have all the layers of bureaucracy to check and balance each employees actions.

A spokesman for Global Tech confirmed that Patterson once worked at Global Tech and is the subject for an ongoing investigation by the police of Collier County for felony theft (embezzlement).

Naples, Florida had a city population of 20,114 ( in 2012) and is located in Collier County. It's on the same coast as Tampa, but south of that city. Patterson ended up in the small town of Kellyton, Alabama and he wasn't alone. He brought with him his collies: Arborhaven Collies.

Naples, Florida is 537.21 miles ( 864.55 km) as the crow flies, but by car 635.97 miles (1,023.50 km). Kellyton is an incorporated town in Coosa County, Alabama with a population of a mere 217 according to the 2010 census.

Presenting himself as Nic Patterson, United Methodist minister, a former pastor of North Naples United Methodist Church and a design partner of NicNac Design, he must have won over the trust of some or many. He was trusted enough by some of the leading collie kennels because he did, after all, own (Twin City Collies) the 2002 Collie Club of America National Reserve Winners Bitch for 2002 and he co-bred the female dog that went on to be the 2004 Collie Club of America Best Puppy Bitch Bitch Rough and Best Puppy and Best of Winners (Twin City).

His website lists him as having a dog bred by Sunnland Collies in Washington State and Isabella Collies in Oregon (Sunnland and Isabella Prophesy, a tri puppy), another collie from Excalibur Collies in Ohio (Arborhaven The Sound of Silence, a tri smooth), and another co-owned with Bandor Collies (Ch. Fantasy Midnight Thunder a sable and white rough and Bandor's Burbon-N-Blues, a tri rough, and Bandor's Teardrops After Midnight, also a tri-white), Aurealis Collies in Washington State (Aurealis Ring of Fire, a sable and white rough and Aurealis Arborhaven Redemption a tri rough).

The Alexander City Police Department was notified in February about the condition of the dogs. At the time, according to the Alex City Outlook, the dogs had not been regularly fed since February yet the police didn't raid Patterson's Pearson Chapel Road property until 7 June 2014. Patterson had claimed that he didn't feed the dogs because he had injured his foot and wasn't able to get out, but he had help.

Yet in July, the officers found six dogs had already starved to death. The Alex City Outlook reported that 11 dogs (10 collies and 1 sheltie) were rescued from the outdoor pens, but one soon died. The reports 13 dogs were rescued.

Alexander City is in Tallapoosa County, Alabama and has a population of 14,728. It's 6.6 miles from Kellyton, Alabama. The Facebook page for Arborhaven puts the kennel in Kellyton, but the police force is Alex City.

Patterson is currently wanted on one felony count of animal cruelty, 14 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to dogs and six counts of failure to burn or bury animal remains. The death of one animal is the felony.

This shouldn't happen, but Patterson knows what he's talking about and he knows people. Imagine how tickled and flattered people must have been to have someone with a national champion in their midst. Patterson has 18 years of experience with collies and he's been in the show ring. Yet an anonymous source says this isn't the first time he's made questionable dealings in the collie world. People forgot or people didn't ask the right questions.

Wherever he has gone, Patterson will surely blend in easily. He is white, male and middle-aged. He's been a pastor. He could get into people's homes as a music teacher. Want a piano teacher? Want a voice teacher? Want a classical guitar teacher? How about a chorale director for children ages 4th through 8th grade. Need a music therapist. Nicholas Patterson could be your man, coming to some neighborhood soon, softly gaining the confidence of another community and perhaps even trying to get back into the collie world after leaving some champions dead or dying.

If you have information about Nicholas L. Patterson, contact the Alex City Police.

If you'd like to contribute funds to support the rehabilitation or return of these collies to their owners, please contact the Collie Rescue Foundation. You can pay using Paypal and send a check, noting the funds are for the Arborhaven collies.

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