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The real inconvenient truth

"Attention customers, the candy store will be closing soon." Nov. 2010 to be exact.
"Attention customers, the candy store will be closing soon." Nov. 2010 to be exact.

52,560 is what Senate Leader Harry Reid of Nevada claimed the number of people is dying each year from lack of health insurance. The actual number estimated was 44,789 but who am I to critique the Democratic Senator's flare for dramatics. "One person dies in the United States every ten minutes from not having insurance [sic]," sounds so much better.

The propensity and boldness of the Democratic Socialism machine is spinning so wildly out of control it is terrifying. Rationale and common sense have taken a backseat to one of the largest power grabs in our Nation's history. Here is an abbreviated list of just a few of the government expansion plans in the works.

Health Insurance Reform: For the first time in America, its Citizens would be forced to buy something or face fines.

Economy: Once again Banks, Businesses and States are forced to accept government funds, thus by proxy, accepting more government control over the States and private sector.

Climate farce: The EPA will now regulate carbon dioxide having a profound impact on transportation, manufacturing and how utility companies generate power.

Despite the ever changing numbers the President uses for the uninsured (46 Million) the actual number is 35 million. Apparently President Obama likes to include the illegal aliens in his numbers as well. In true liberal fashion we must overhaul the entire system to accommodate 12% of the US population.

Capitalism only works when it is left alone. Banks fail for a reason, businesses fail for a reason. Artificially propping them up only perpetuates the bad behavior. The government does not have a crystal ball and making the irrational claim that the sky is falling and if we don't arbitrarily throw money at the problem the world is going to end. This kind of government intrusion in the private sector has always been disastrous.

The Earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen. For the all math wizards out there, that leaves a grand total of 1% left for the trace gases. Trace gases meaning; methane, carbon dioxide, argon, neon, helium, krypton, sulfur dioxide, water vapor and various other gases.
Pay no mind our carbon emissions have decreased exponentially since the industrial revolution, pay no mind the earth has cooled over the past ten years, and don't forget it was a "software glitch" that showed the polar caps are actually the same size they have been since measurements started years ago. Lastly, who can forget the poor polar bears that, despite all the liberal hoopla, have increased in their population five fold since numbers were first recorded.

Those pesky facts have always got in the way of liberals striving to create the nanny state. The fact revelers are brushed aside and ridiculed as "flat earthers". Common sense will always taken a backseat in liberal debate. The liberal playbook dictates repeating the lie over and over, fear-mongering and persecution of facts when debating the real issues.

One thing does bring a conservative some peace of mind. The 2010 mid-term elections. Hopefully the kids don't totally destroy the candy store before the grownups come back into power. The Democratic Party has sealed their fate in 11 short months and confirmed they cannot be trusted with our Nation. I almost feel pity when I observe the absolute desperation of the liberal agenda to hurry and pass as many Socialist ideas as possible before they lose control for the next decade.



  • Vandros 5 years ago

    "Despite the ever changing numbers the President uses for the uninsured (46 Million) the actual number is 35 million." - To clarify, your "actual" number is based on your perspective, which I see does not include illegal immigrants, regardless of whether or not they have insurance coverage, which is a debatable nuance that I won't address.
    In any case, I think, consulting your own citation, you will find the 'actual' number is 36.83 million people(not counting illegal immigrants, as you would have it and not modifying for margin of error, which would be erroneous seeing as how it could be a factor larger as well as smaller). Seeing as how your "actual" still leaves out nearly 2 million U.S. citizens, I really wouldn't quibble over numbers if I were you.

  • George 5 years ago

    Vandros, thank you so much for posting. you have proven a fantastic point for me. You would rather quibble about the couple million people I left out than address the power grab at play here.
    Since the numbers in whole are debatable, I'll still pose this question back to you. Why do we have to overhaul an entire system that represents 1/6th of our economy to accomodate 12% or 15% or even 20% of the population? Why do we consistantly cater to the minority?
    Wouldn't it be just simpler to cover those 35-36-37 million people with a seperate and smaller entitlement program?