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The Real Deal on Love and Men

When it comes to love guys could be so confusing. They say one thing but do another. You never know when to believe them. There is a book out The Real Deal on Love and Men. That book focuses on women, men and relationships All of your burning questions will be answered.

The first thing you must do is focus on yourself. If you want someone interesting you have to act interesting. Love yourself and make someone see how amazing you are. You deserve to be with the guy you want and you deserve to be in the relationship you want. Don't depend on a guy to make you happy because when he leaves or does not chose you, you will feel rejected. Instead act like you chose him for a reason and show him why he should chose you. Be interesting and exciting.

When meeting a guy make sure that you meet in a public place. This is very important, especially if you are meeting someone online for the first time. If it helps have people that you know with you.

Don't put a guy on a pedestal before you get to know him. Get to know him slowly and see what type of guy he is. Get to see what his friends are like.

Don't beat around the bush. Ask questions such as "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Spend time with guys who want what you want. If you want a family and are with a guy who wants the single life, you are wasting your time. Don't settle, instead look for the guy who could give you the life you want.

There is happily every after and sometimes it takes awhile to get it. The most important thing is self-love. That goes for any relationship. Find someone who wants what you want. Love is out there for everyone. Everyone deserves to have their happily every after.

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