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The real crisis in America

Legislators sign an oversized resolution from the Mississippi Legislative Prayer Caucus on April 22.
Legislators sign an oversized resolution from the Mississippi Legislative Prayer Caucus on April 22.
(AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

I have a pastor friend in Nigeria and he recently asked me if it was true that America is turning its churches into other uses - like brothels. I had to answer that it was true and can recall visiting churches converted into luxury loft living quarters in trendy areas of Chicago. I then remember commenting to my wife that a very nice looking church had been demolished so a drug store chain could build one of their drugstores in its place. I mentioned to my wife that instead of coming to God to trust Him American people would now rather trust in recent man-made solutions like drugs. Now don't take that to mean what i didn't a good boy and leave it in context.

My pastor friend also wondered why churches seemed so unappreciated. Did we forget that we have become so blessed as a nation? He said that in his country of Nigeria they are building churches everywhere. I knew they were simultaneously experiencing prosperity for the first time in their history.

He encouraged me and other genuine believers to bring about revival. He said that the prosperity now going on in his nation came about from Europe and the United States and he is saddened that we seem to be moving backwards.

I absolutely agree with him that it is high time for revival this but stirring up the church here is like trying to stir hardening concrete. In fact i was so concerned about it that I wrote a book about this very problem and call for revival prayer as the only real answer to turn back the tide of selfishness so prevalent in our nation.

This beloved pastor in Nigeria in almost disbelief asked me how America-which has been blessed the most-could now fall back. I told him that i think the answer is found in Jeremiah 22:21 - I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said 'i will not hear.'  He agreed and said we must then get serious about the task ahead.

The prophet Jeremiah labored long and hard trying to convince Israel to turn back to God but the people mocked and laughed at him. They were too busy with their routine.

Today my articles here on are sometimes met with similar mocking. How sad it is to watch a great nation turn inward and devour itself.

History does repeat itself: We read of God's great blessing upon Israel but instead of gratitude they became lazy and sluggish. Far too many among us here in 21st century America now take the blessings of God for granted and heap the credit upon themselves as opportunities for selfishness.

Sadly, this is the way of the world and people seem to repeat this over and over. The blessings of God come to the spiritually hungry...But when people's attention is turned from God and towards the things that are shiny then the hunger turns to the things of the world and the spiritual blessing dissipates. People assume credit for the prosperity and think they did it without God's help and over time God is left out.

We kicked God out of our schools and replaced Him with fairy tales about our origin being an accident rather than an intentional design. A tornado going through a junkyard has better odds at creating a 747 airplane by the sheer force of its wind than the supposed evolutionary schemes proposed as gospel truth. Is it any wonder that our kids today will go on shooting sprees at school when they are a little upset? They are told there is no God to answer to and that right and wrong are up to them.

America is a nation going mad but God is still love. We see idol worshipers on television lifting their hands to sway them as they worship the current day bards and sirens of lusty songs on a television show with the word "idol" right in the title. Yet the people that spend their time enjoying such idolatry are afraid to open the Bible for fear of being brainwashed into believing the truth and would rather criticize those of us that have discovered the living God does indeed live and does indeed love them. All day long He reaches out His hand to them and all day long most people would rather look the other way.

Our television shows are full of sexual lusts, violence, revenge, lies, cheating, and all kinds of exciting and desirable sins. Yet check back in the history of television some forty or fifty years to see the restraint we once had. America has been steadily moving away from God and we wonder why some religious zealots are satanically inspired to crash airplanes and place car bombs at strategic locations?

We insist on having things our way and do not realize what it is getting us. A child left to himself would gorge on candy until sick and our nation is such a child...only interested in the superficial sweet stuff.

Do we forget the grumbling children of Israel complaining in the wilderness? What happened to these children is similar to what is happening to us if we continue away from God as a nation. They gorged themselves and died pursuing the flesh they craved (Numbers 11:31-34).

What will it take America?

Unfortunately, it seems a shaking must occur before people remember the true and living God. Some people will not wake up from their sleep unless they are prodded quite hard. 9/11 failed to wake us, the recent recession failed to wake us. The pastors seem helpless to wake us and too many would rather defending what they believe  rather than throw out the net for a catch.

Are you at all concerned with the spiritual temperature in our nation? If you are then why not humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and become part of the solution rather than an onlooker doing nothing.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land - 2 Chronicles 7:14

If this interests you then my book might also. You can find it at:, Barnes and and a few other locations. Type: "ed chambers america in God we trust?" on google and a free copy comes up along with ways to purchase a copy.


  • Amber 5 years ago

    While praying with my little house church group last Sunday, we received a word from the Lord. The word contained in it a message very similar to this. He has given us warning upon warning, and the sanctified Body of Christ still doesn't get it. I would urge you to pray against other such warnings, as we believe they will continue to come and become worse, and pray for God to move upon the Church and soften her heart.

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