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The real cost of illegal immigration

Gloria Allred's latest client, Nicky Diaz, was caught providing fraudulent documents to secure a $23 an hour job from California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.  In so doing, she deprived actual American citizens of a potentially well-paying job, not to mention legal aliens who might want to make that money.  But don't think for a minute that the jobs Americans lose to illegal aliens is the end of the story.

Far from it.  The estimated cost of the last flirtation our patriotic Congress had with amnesty for illegal aliens, in 2007 was going to cost an estimated $2.6 trillion.  Based on a wide range of benefits payable to the approximately 12 million illegal aliens residing here in 2006 - benefits consisting of everything from state- and federal-funded health care to education to, ultimately, social security - the estimate can only have gone up in the last four years.  To begin with, there are an estimated 500,000 more coming every year, which would have added 2 million more illegals to our population since then, and, of course, they're now guaranteed health insurance coverage under 0bamacare should they happen to become citizens.

Other estimates offer a similarly bleak picture should amnesty become reality.  Two years prior to the amnesty bill, in 2004, illegal immigrant households, which invariably consist of low-skill, low-wage employees, received government benefits of $30,160, about $10,000 more than the average household.  As a result of their low income, however, they paid only about $10,573 in taxes, for a net tax deficit of $19,588.  This equates to about $1.2 million over the 60-year lifespan of an adult, and with 12 million illegals in this country, we'd be looking at an amnesty cost of about $1.5 trillion, plus whatever their kids would cost us.  Then, as above, add increased benefits and increased numbers into the equation, and you have a prescription for disaster.

Remember then, what illegal immigration really costs you, the taxpayer.  And be sure to remember which party favors amnesty for illegal immigration.  Here's a hint:  it's the same party that gave us mandatory, subsidized health insurance.


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