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The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - a documentary DVD just released

by Edward Shanahan.

The Real Bachelor's Grove - a documentary by Jimmy O'Connor.
Jimmy O'Connor

The true story of one of the most iconic cemeteries in the Chicago land area and it is called Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is in this just released DVD. From it's historical beginning to the legends that are known to haunt this location today. You'll learn who settled here, worked the land and turned a one acre parcel into a cemetery that has become the most haunted cemetery on the face of this earth.

Discover who the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove might be with her ties to the Senator John Humphrey House. What is revealed at the bottom of the pond that is known from long ago and much more about the location and the drawing of people to it.

Hear as Dale Kaczmarek takes you through the cemetery and it's hauntings and you can decide for yourself if the stories that are associated with this Chicago landmark and more to offer than your regular old cemetery.

The DVD can be found at the web page: The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

It is produced by Jimmy O'Connor and the DVD includes those in the paranormal and supernatural field in the Chicago land area that have actually experienced it and live in or have lived in the area of the cemetery and includes: Dale Kaczmarek, Edward Shanahan, Chuck Kennedy, Jason Sullivan, Karl Kochmann and Len Dorman.

Comments about the documentary:
I Loved It! Want to learn something about Bachelors Grove?
Watch this DVD... It answers most of the questions if not all that everyone always asks. Where is it, what's the history, is it really haunted? What a great job on this. ~ Bill Swinford

The Real Bachelor’s Grove
If you ever wanted to find out more details about the most haunted cemetery on earth. This documentary is a must have. Very informative about the history of the area and the history of reports of apparitions, phantom cars, a moving house and the Madonna of Bachelors Grove date back from as early as the 1950’s. Present day not only actual video straight from Bachelors Grove Cemetery, recorded live evps from the area, the echo vox and a few surprises. Nicely done and very well put together and informative. ~ Tina Dodaro

The DVD can be found at the web page: The Real Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.

Edward Shanahan
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