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The RE Milton's & Their Effect On My Love/Hate Relationship With Glasses

Randolph Milton
Randolph Engineering (RE)

I hate glasses! So much so that I have gone to many doctors appointments to see if I would be a candidate for laser eye surgery. And then when I found out that my corneas were too thin for the surgery, I even looked into getting implantable contact lenses. I was willing to spend $10,000 to get rid of my lame spectacles forever, but now thanks to Massachusetts-own Randolph Engineering and their new Milton eye glasses ($119) I am beginning to think a little bit differently.

Randolph Engineering (RE) sunglasses have been my go-to for ages, but recently they have gotten into the glasses game -- and I just had to try a pair out!

Since I am practically blind, I haven't put lenses into the glasses yet. That $800 bill I will avoid just a little bit longer if possible. But, that doesn't mean I haven't been rockin' the RE Milton's all around town. It's so funny, because in my current glasses - I don't want to be seen by anybody! I only wear them when I am sitting at home, or have a quiet day at the office.

But everything is different with my Milton's. I keep calling them my "New Girl" glasses because according to me (and only me) I think I look just like Zooey Deschanel... a blonde version of course! But in all seriousness, I really DO enjoy wearing them. They make me look like a trendy little nerd at work, and a sexy librarian when I wear them out and about. wahoo!

Who would have thought that this girl who is so anti-glasses would actually put contacts in so that she could wear her non-prescription glasses!

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