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The re-branding of Era Alaska to RAVN: What’s behind a name?

Era Alaska is renaming its airline Ravn Airlines, and its partner Hageland Air will be named Ravn Express.
Era Alaska is renaming its airline Ravn Airlines, and its partner Hageland Air will be named Ravn Express.
Rob Stapleton/Alaskafoto

Alaskans are curious about the Era Alaska name chang its name to RAVN and its corporate partner Hageland to Ravn Express and the airline Corvus Airlines. Why is the airline going from a chicken hawk to a raven for its corporate identification? Airline CEO Bob Hajdukovich says it’s all about re-branding and growth.

The name changes came the week of Jan. 2 when the operating company HoTH LLC announced in a press release that Era Alaska would change its name to Corvus Airlines. Corvus is Latin for the well known Alaskan raven, a species of black bird.

Era Aviation will become Corvus Airlines, and Hageland Aviation and Frontier Flying Service will operate under the brand name Ravn Connect. “For more than 60 years, we have been a part of aviation in Alaska, and we look forward to this next chapter in our company’s history,” Hajdukovich said in the press release.

The consolidation of Era Alaska and its operating companies is best explained in an interview done by Scott McMurren and Erin Kirkland on the Alaska Travelgram with Era Alaska CEO Bob Hajdukovich that can be heard as a Alaska Travelgram Podcast (click link for Podcast).

For those who are not familiar with commercial flying in Alaska this interview is extremely useful with explanations of how an airline operates in rural Alaska. Hajdukovich touches on the details of the airlines challenges due to the different cultures of the airlines that joined to combine resources—instead of competing.

McMurren flushed out some information about the airlines safety cultures, and the difficulties of combining different cultures and the effect on safe operations.

“I am going to write a book on aviation organizations culture, and make more money from that that running an airline,” kidded Hajdukovich.

Era Alaska, the state’s largest operating regional airline and its family of airlines that include Frontier Flying Service, and Hageland Aviation Services has 950 employees and services over 100 communities and cities in Alaska.

Hageland is the largest Part 135 airline in the U.S. with 50 aircraft servicing 76 locations statewide and has over 250,000 departures yearly.

Rob Stapleton can be reached at: robstapleton(at)

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