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The Raw Food Living Expo!

Lemon Basil Pesto
Lemon Basil Pesto

According to a article on, dated January 27, many people are getting ready for the annual Raw Food Expo in California. Everyone has their own personal way of how they like to prepare their food so that it taste great and there are indeed many ways. Some people bake their food, some people fry it, and some people steam it. Although all these ways work, which of these are the healthiest ?

There is a answer according to raw food eaters. In the latest years raw food diets are becoming more popular than ever. Most raw food eaters will tell of the overwhelming benefits of eating a raw diet. It is thought that cooking food at a certain temperature can reduce the nutritional value of any food because of the breaking down of the helpful enzymes which are not only good for you but they help digest your food. Let's be honest, most people would be frightened to eat raw food, maybe it's the taste they are afraid of or maybe it's just the fact of not cooking your food is very different.

This weekend at the Raw Food Expo, you will get the chance to learn all sorts of things. You can learn of the benefits of eating a raw diet and also great recipes to go along with it. Also many people will give you to try some of these recipes first hand; some things featured will be things like soups, stews, green smoothies and maybe even a couple of salad recipes. Some things that are included in a raw diet are vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans. Whether it is for you or not, be sure to check out the awesome expo and learn some interesting things about raw food and how it's different from most common meals, get the chance to also meet many raw food coaches to help change your life and become a more healthier you.