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The rare shoe auctions from DJ AM collection continue to raise money on eBay for charity. Update!

Already up to $1325.00 with 44 bids!
Already up to $1325.00 with 44 bids!

For some reason, I have been astounded by the prices that the auctions on eBay for the rare shoes being sold from the late DJ AM's collection.  DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) was one of the world's top most shoe collector's specializing in athletic shoes by Nike, Adidas, Converse and BAPE.  At the time of his death earlier this year, he had over 900 pairs of shoes in his collection.

He did not wear these shoes, he simply collectted them.  You can read more about DJ AM's life and collection in my previous article.

Well, the auctions have started on eBay and the prices are amazing.  There are 164 auctions going on now and as of today the pair that has the highest bid is a pair of Nike Air Force Playstation shoes.  The eBay auction has over 4 days left and the price is already bid up to $1575.00!  What is awesome is that 100% of the proceeds goes to charity.

Another fun auction I have been watching is for a pair of red and black Nike Dunk Low Pushead shoes.  These babies are already up to $1325.00 with 44 bids and over 2 days left to go. 

Check all the DJ AM auctions out now....I guarantee you will see some jaw dropping bid prices!