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The rainy days

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In El Paso, TX the weather has cooled down significantly for a few days, where most have been able to say they enjoy the cooler days and actually the overcast skies with this week and last weeks weather.

In addition, to the sprinkle of rain and actually the downpours at times. The moisture in the air also adds to a higher humidity level for the southwestern desert. The area where many go to walk, ride their bikes and run on Resler in El Paso, TX are accompanied with individuals enjoying the ability to run in cooler temperatures and a more shaded sky. A change in the weather seemed to be very much welcomed by many in the community. It came in a moderate amount rather, than all at once giving the land time to soak and absorb all the water. It always seem to do justice for the wildlife and plant life making it green and clean outdoors. El Paso, TX is mostly recorded with not much rainfall to be expected, indeed, every bit counts and all helps significantly. Most of the rainfall comes during the late month of July into August. The winter months also can give the levels of water needed through the snow and any additional rain showers that may arrive. Since, it is a desert, it is expected to be dry. However, the water in El Paso, TX is always welcomed.

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