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The Radical Left and Radical Islam: strange bedfellows

I stand with Radical Islam
I stand with Radical Islam

With the dangerous rise of demonstrations against Israel and worldwide persecutions of Christians one would think we are living in 1942 not 2014. There is literally a Christian Holocaust taking place in many parts of the world and yet the American media remains mostly silent. On top of all this, even here in America we have seen Anti-Semitism against Jews that would make Adolph Hitler proud.

Where are all the strong Christian voices in America speaking out loudly against their own people being savagely exterminated? Where are all the liberal Jews in Hollywood and in the media condemning the recent rise of anti-Jewish hatred? These same hypocrites came running with their wallets open to help the tsunami victims but now their own people are being targeted and persecuted and all you hear is crickets?

There is a striking and dangerous similarity between the Radical Left and Radical Islam. They both have a disdain for our Judeo-Christian value system, they both blame America for the world’s problems, and they both side against Israel and our allies.

In addition, these two groups are intolerant of other’s views on religion, ethics, politics, and morality. The Radical Left only believes in freedom of speech when it is speech they agree with. Radical Islam only believes in speech that is complimentary to their Prophet.

In essence, both of these groups use false victimization and oppression to gain favor and sympathy within the American and International media. The fact is that the majority of media outlets refuse to see White Christians or White Israeli’s as victims no matter how bad they are being persecuted. The reason for this is it does not fit the narrative of the media’s idea of an oppressed minority. This is because in their view only Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, or any other mix of non-Caucasian can be seen as victims in the year 2014.

The greatest danger America faces are from Radical Leftists right here at home. They are the enemy within and they have infiltrated our schools, our media, and our Government.
These forces are hell bent on turning our country into a banana republic that will resemble most third world nations.

So as our terrorist sympathizing, anti-Christian and anti-Israel President continues to flood America with criminal aliens, some of which are coming here from terrorist supporting nations I ask you what could possibly go wrong?