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The Racial Divide That Is Dividing A Nation

For over three decades there has been a rising tide of racial tensions sweeping across the country, A sociological transformation that has pitted the African American community against seemingly impossible odds to advance their social status. We have to remember that it just isn't the African American community that has seen a deterioration of opportunities to advance their quality of life. Every ethnic group in the entire country has been adversely affected by a system that continues to rob the majority of the population of those opportunities. Today, we should point out that too many Americans whether they are African American or not continue to be exploited by corrupt politicians, economic policies, and our judicial system. Every ethnic group in the entire country continues to suffer the consequences of a government that has completely abandoned them. We see the effects of what our government continues to do when we walk through the inner cities of Detroit, Chicago, New York, Las Angeles, or any other city. Too many of our cities and towns continue to show that the United States has yet to implement policies that would elevate people of all races to a level of self reliant, productive citizens.

What happened and is happening in Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown is an out cry of what many feel is an injustice of not only racial divides but really an outburst of frustration. When that frustration turns violent only precludes and equal effort to contain and eliminate that threat of violent protest. As what is unfolding today. It wasn't too long ago that in Tampa, Florida a young man Trayvon Martin was shoot and killed that set off protest after protest. Even before we should go back to Rodney King and the LA riots that ensued following the acquittal of those police offices. All of these tragic incidents have put the US on notice that there is an undercurrent of not only frustration brewing but a groundswell of anger that our lives continue to be at the mercy of government indifference and corporate influence that caters to the rich.

That spark set off by a police officers overreaction may have set in motion a chain of events that will continue to reverberate all across the nation. A coming race war or a class revolution is about to explode. The real concern is that the targets of police overreaction stems not on race so much but the notion that an Ebola level affliction of being poor. And the prevailing notion especially by our famously benevolent benefactors in Washington most assume that being a person of color is synonymous with being poor, and poor is synonymous with being a criminal.

With each of these shootings, choke hold, and stand your ground atrocities it is quite understandable that so many see the police and our judicial system are enforcers of a truly unjust status quo. This results in an increase of anger and frustration where riots demanding justice have only ensued. A venting of this anger thru riots is their way of demonstrating the hopelessness of their situation. Riots evolve because of the frustration, anger and resentment that has built up following an incident that many feel was an out right attack targeting a particular ethnic group. And, in most cases the attacks have been perpetrated against an African American. These riots are their way of justification designed to drive national attention toward their circumstances.

What we are seeing today is the middle class has joined the ranks of the poor where whites have joined with the African American community in mass demonstrations in the hope that these demonstrations will revert back to the political process where legislation that actually promotes economic equality and opportunity is actually passed and implemented. But, for the past 35 years all of the demonstrations that have played out have continued to fall on deaf ears by our elected officials. Meanwhile the frustration, and anger have only continued to build.

What many point out is the protest in Ferguson is just one more battle in a larger ongoing suburban class and many feel as a race war. What little opportunities there have been so few African Americans are able to move from urban areas to middle class suburbia. What this translates is the fact that our political system is largely composed of white political power. A power base that has no realization of what they have done and continue to do with the legislation that has been passed during the course of over 40 years.

When we look back to the early 1960's the United States was at the pinnacle of economic growth but, lying underneath this façade of economic prosperity racial tensions were already bringing a national awareness that there really was racial inequality still running rampant in the laws and segregation policies that have existed for over one hundred years. Racial inequality has been and is continuing to disrupt the moral conscious of the United States. The hard reality is that even though in many respects the country is somewhat more attuned to racial equality like desegregating public schools, this country still has an awful lot more to do to achieve racial equality, equal opportunities, equal treatment for all African Americans and for every other ethnic group all across the country.

We have to go back to 1957 when in Little Rock Arkansas and in Montgomery Alabama latter exemplifies the fact that through acts by nine African American high school students and Rosa Parks sparked a national awareness of racial inequality and the lack of support for equal rights and treatment for all African Americans. What followed was a national movement lead by Reverend Martin Luther King to rid this nation of the injustices and abominable treatment of African Americans. Not only was Dr. King brining attention on the mistreatment of African Americans but for all human beings no mater their color, race, or religion. Sadly though much of what Dr. King started has withered and died on the vine of so many lost opportunities that have been a result of government policies. Government policies that have only created the largest income disparity gap in the history of this nation. When we look at wage disparity it clearly confirms the harsh reality facing not only African Americans but he majority of the whole population in the entire country. In 2010, the average white household had almost 40 times as much total wealth as the average African-American household, and more than 70 times as much wealth as the average Latino household. Since 2010 the figures have only gotten worse for African Americans and the rest of the population.

The facts today indicate and confirm that this mounting discontent in Ferguson is just the tip of an Titanic iceberg of the racial inequality that exists today. In practically every city the unemployment rate for African Americans is more that twice as high as it is for white Americans. Nationally the unemployment rate for African Americas hovers at close to 18%. In cities like Ferguson, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Las Angeles the unemployment rate for African Americans is over 25%. Much of the blame for the sad state of the economy contrary to what is reported by our main stream media, lies with current economic policies that have only increased the anxiety and frustration that so many feel.

When an incident like what happened in Ferguson where a police officer overreacts resulting in a death of an unarmed young man who happens to be an African American just may have set off a chain of other reactions that hopefully will result in meaningful legislation that will restore the racial divide that continues to fragment our nation. Legislation must be forth coming that shows and outlines a plan of direction that will avail more economic opportunity. With restored economic opportunities it will create a balance where racial equality prevails. If the United States fails to implement economic opportunities and fails in educating all Americans that every human being no matter their race, color or religion has an inalienable right to life, liberty, and be able to pursue whatever vocation they choose the United States future is in grave jeopardy. Every American will suffer the consequences of our failure. It is time to implement National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation