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The Racebrook Lodge and its beautiful scenery

Walking around the Racebrook Lodge
Walking around the Racebrook Lodge
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Get in tune with nature and visit The Race brook Lodge in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The property sports some of the most pristine natural views one can hope to wake up too in The Berkshires.

The Racebook LOdge
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Events are always held there, such as corporate retreats, weddings, big fitness weekends, and meditation and yoga workshops, anything that could be imagined in the corporate world. There are plenty of accommodations to house many people and hundreds of people could spend the weekend there for a wedding.

There are Yoga and exercise classes held in the exquisite 100 year –old barn that houses some of the nicest structures and old wood floors that one could hope to ever find in The Berkshires. IT has a rustic appeal to its structure that makes the elegance of the historic barn just a bold and central theme for its charm. The historic charm of its beauty and elegance make it a premier and ideal location to host a fabulous event there.

Peacefully and nostalgically settled, which invites any type of corporate group easily can become nestled in the quiet hamlet of Sheffield which is in between Salisbury, Connecticut and Egremont, Massachusetts the Race brook lodge encompasses a beautiful and elegant bar and restaurant known as the Stage Coach Inn. Some of the buildings are more than four hundred years old. The design of its charming and eloquent appeal can really add character to a photography element if that is what one chooses to focus on for their relaxing vision. Many artists can photograph the rustic and quiet Inn. The charm and the understated luxury of such a peaceful Inn makes it a big draw for those who wish to escape the big city life and wish to quietly disappear into its superbly decorated nowhere land appeal.

The Race brook Lodge draws its appeal existing in the middle of nowhere yet one can become involved in everything there is to do in The Berkshires. It is close to everything and one can still remain anonymous while becoming a part of life in The Berkshires. Life is quite peaceful here, refreshing and calm and serene.
Stressed out New Yorkers, find calmness and peacefulness in whatever activities they become involved in out here. They may choose to work or simply get involved in more local relaxing projects such as art and meditation.

The views are breathtaking and there are many ways to relax on the property such as hiking and and gardening in the beautiful garden located on the property. There are golf carts and hammocks to rest one’s body. There are several hiking trails . There are gardening projects too participate in at the Racebrook lodge and there is plenty of quiet, serene time in which to do nothing, so enjoy your time here while you can.

The Stage Coach Inn offers a wonderful menu for the guests who choose to stay oversight, IT is quite easy to fall in love with the Racebrook Lodge property as it has so much to offer the weary traveler. There is live music every Thursday night and a band plays sing-a –long options for the guests. The food is spectacular and the history of the Inn is also quite impressive.

If you can find the time to get out of the hustle bustle of the craziness of the New York City lifestyle one should really give this property their full attention and learn all they can to enjoy their stay here. It is quiet and peaceful, and extremely interesting. The food is incredible. Please take a tour with Casey Meade, he really knows the best part of the property and will help you get acquainted with all the Lodge has to offer you in terms of finding peace and serenity.