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The Race To Develop Alameda Point

Just read an article posted on the San Francisco Business Times by Adam Weintraub, talking about the race for developers to get a piece of the pie at Alameda Point. This area, once an Army Base, has been laying fallow for some time. There is some housing on the old base and definitely some businesses occupying the old hangers, but a lot of the area remains vacant.

I am not surprised to see the clamor to develop this area. Housing is limited, especially in Alameda. With limited supply and high demand prices have been increasing at a brisk pace. Not to mention that you can pretty much see San Francisco from Alameda Point and easy access to the Ferry taking you right to the Embarcadero in San Francisco, commuting is pretty easy to downtown San Francisco.

There have already been signs of development in the area with a newish Target and newer townhomes. The actual old Navy Base has been seen many of the vacant hangers now being occupied by wineries (Rockwall Winery, Rosenblum Cellars ), Faction Brewing and St Georges Spirits, just to name a few. The Baladium, a gym and indoor soccer has been there for years. And if you have a kid playing soccer with the Bay Oaks, you have spent a lot of time at the soccer fields located at Alameda Point.

It will be interesting to see how the development affects the business and housing already there, and also the impact on traffic.... The Webster Tube, which gets you from the Island to Downtown Oakland and freeways can already be a bear to get through at certain points of the day. Also honestly is in kind of cool to have some of the old structures used by the Army re-purposed and re-used instead of being demolished with new structures being constructed in their place. Hopefully the new development will be able to incorporate the old with the new.

Lisa Cartolano

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