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The race for Arizona’s gubernatorial seat has began

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New Year's resolutions help people feel grounded, as if they are on the right track. New Year has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year, and reflect on the changes they want to make.

As the calendar just rolled over to 2014, at the top of the list are probably losing weight and exercising more, but approaching elections have without a doubt appeared on people’s lists.
In the last 60 years, people in the United States, have seen almost every type of politics and politicians, and many feel that they should vote for people who have some positive development agendas in order to give politics a complete facelift.

Arizona’s gubernatorial seat, currently held by Jan Brewer will be up for election in 2014, and candidates are already fast pacing for the race. Among them is John Mealer. has interviewed John Mealer. He calls himself a reformer, and a Constitutionalist. A man of absolute fairness and equal treatment under the law. A man who will see that the laws are enforced against those who believe they are above the law and who routinely violate the law to the detriment of Arizona and all of America.

“It goes without saying – electing the same worn out leadership means more of the same political stand-offs on the road to nowhere. The proof of the past 102 years is all around us.” States Mealer.

Why elect John Mealer? Because he seems to be a man, with a plan.
First and foremost, Mealer states that he is pro-Bill of Rights and a strong supporter of the Second, Fourth and Ninth Amendments, all of which he believes have been attacked and violated in both Arizona and abroad, and if elected, he will remedy the situation as his number one goal of his campaign.

He plans to put a stop to drug, and human trafficking on I-11 Corridor
He plans to open Arizona to new investors. One such industry – which will bring and create thousands of new Arizona jobs and hundreds of Arizona support businesses – is Motorsports.

“I have accepted the invitation to work with the Race Committee through Mealer Motorsports and although I am giving up a Multi-Million dollar agreement on a personal and business level, I have accepted to not participate in the profits, but instead to create the environment and open the opportunity for Arizona. I have accepted the deal on the basis as a gubernatorial candidate rather than a businessman. This is no longer about me.” Says Mealer.

He has a plan presented with facts and logic in great legal details, to change Arizona’s Health Care Act.
He plans to make land exchanges with private land owners to gain the properties required for industrial projects.
He plans to make changes to the grossly underfunded Arizona public school system, and raise teacher’s salaries.
He plans to put a stop to Mexico’s new Nuclear Power Generating Plant plans, of using Arizona’s roadways as unfettered access to Nevada’s nuclear waste dumps.

“Major cartel drug and human trafficking and nuclear waste being shipped through our Great State is simply not going to happen if I’m elected Governor in 2014.” Says Mealer.
Mealer also claims that he is a “Clean Hands” candidate.

According to the “Clean Hands” doctrine which is used in all court cases in order to gain standing – a man (or woman) in the Governor’s Chair who has “Clean Hands” can exercise the Rights of the Citizenry to reverse and restore people’s rights and remove policies that either hinder their ability to survive or prevent them from going about their daily lives as they choose to.

“Somewhere along the line, our Liberty vanished. I am certain I speak for all of us when I say, “WE WANT IT BACK and WE’RE NOT ASKING!” Wrote Mealer on his website.

To support John Mealer, or to find more about Mealer Initiative 2014, visit his website at

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