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The Quran more holy than the Bible

Murders in Afghanistan by Muslims during a riot over a Pastor's actions of burning a Quran were justified in an interview between Time Magazine's Bobby Ghosh and Chuck Todd as guest host of MSNBC's Hardball.

The two excused Muslims murdering people claiming that the Quran is more sacred to Muslims than the Bible is to Christians.

Ghosh claimed that the Quran is apparently more holy than the Christian Bible and informed viewers to keep in mind that the Quran is "not the same as the Bible to Christians" because the Quran is "directly the word of God." He added that the Bible is just a book "written by men."

But Ghosh is mistaken. The Holy Bible is regarded by Christians and Jews as the direct Word of God as well, and considered holy. But the difference is that Christian are not to kill over the persecution of it.

And what Ghosh doesn't realize is that the Quran was equally written by men. The Quran was claimed to have been a revelation from God passed down from the angel Gabriel to Mohammad in which he was to preach. No one (but Mohammad's wife) was present to validate the origin. But the words had to be written down. And that was by man.

The Bible was admittingly recorded by men and makes no excuse for it. In fact over 40 authors had their hand in the writings collected as the final canon of scripture; first the 39 books of the Testament before the Messiah was revealed, then the 27 books known as the New Testament collection after Jesus' revealing.

But the Bible claims that it was written by men as they were moved (inspired) by the Holy Spirit to record what God wanted to reveal to mankind. Most of the time the authors were convicted over what they had penned. And despite the various locations, the three languages of writings, and different backgrounds of men who penned it, the scriptures identified as holy and direct from God did not contradict. Each added to the puzzle of the revelation that God was presenting to mankind for the rest of time.

To further validate the holy scriptures, the Bible has proofs. Their predictions and prophecies have been fulfilled, despite improbabilities, unknown facts at the time, and the people involved who otherwise would try to avoid them. Archeological findings have revealed that the places named in the historical accounts of the scriptures that were once challenged have been found factual. Its scripture, despite challenges of authenticity, has passed tests of time, and early copies found in recent years proved its reliability of original content transferred correctly.

The Bible, despite being the most criticized in history, has overcome challenges to maintain its record of being the most published book. And the most validated proof of Biblical authority is the many changed lives of believers proving it to be otherwise than that capable of being constructed of men.

The Quran may be considered the word of God by its followers, but the Bible is regarded by many of us in Albany to be the inspired Word of God that is the only scripture to reveal the purpose of men, our shortcoming of the perfection of God, and the merit of a Savior that those believing will be forgiven of sin, inherit salvation and receive eternal life by believing in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. And without that, we are still in our sins and left wanting.


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