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The question that could derail Hillary's campaign for the presidency

Maybe Hillary will be asked, "What difference does it make?"
Maybe Hillary will be asked, "What difference does it make?"

Some are asking either Hillary Clinton, or her supporters, what she has accomplished either in her political career, or as Secretary of State, that qualifies her to president. Of course this is a great question, and an important one, but it's not likely the one that will be the question that could derail Hillary's campaign for president. Even questions about Hillary involvement and responsibility for what happened in Benghazi that night, which should be asked and are extremely important, are not the questions that could derail the Hillary in 2016 campaign.

In 1979 Ted Kennedy announced he was running against Jimmy Carter for the Democrat nomination for president, and Ted Kennedy was widely expected to beat Jimmy Carter and go on to be elected the next president in 1980 over whoever the Republicans nominated. In August of 1979 early in the campaign cycle, Roger Mudd of CBS news threw what was likely to have been intended as a softball question to Ted Kennedy. He asked Senator Kennedy, quite simply, Why do you want to be president. Kennedy gave a long and inarticulate answer and could briefly and cogently say I want to be president for these reasons.

Wikipedia describes the question to Ted Kennedy this way, “In addition to questioning Kennedy about the Chappaquiddick incident, Mudd asked, "Senator, why do you want to be President?" Kennedy's stammering answer which has been described as "incoherent and repetitive" as well as "vague, unprepared" raised serious questions about his motivation in seeking the office, and marked the beginning of the sharp decline in Kennedy's impressive poll numbers.”

Ted Kennedy failed to give a solid answer to that question because he had no vision. Likewise, Hillary has no vision. She entirely believes in far left progressive stands on issues, but she has no vision of what a Hillary presidency would look like, and if she's asked the simple question, Hillary will stumble and flounder and fail to answer that question exactly as Ted Kennedy did when Roger Mudd asked it in August of 1979.

Hillary thinks she deserves to be president and is entitled to a term or two in the position. She won't even think she will have to answer such a question, and for that reason as well, will be unable to competently answer it.

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