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The quest to lift one's appearance leads to Dr. Steven Pearlman's Pearl Lift

Dr. Steven Pearlman creates wonderful results with his Pearl Lift
Dr. Steven Pearlman creates wonderful results with his Pearl Lift
Carol Ruth Weber

We all grow a bit older with every day hopefully gaining wisdom and achieving happiness in our lives. Along with age comes those character lines that have carried us through the journey of life. Looking in the mirror the lines and hollows in my face read as if a road map that has carried me to this point in my life. Some times were rough and others very happy but every bit of my face is me so although I am longing to bring my reflection back to a more youthful appearance I do not wish to lose my essence that is reflected to the world. So when I began my quest to lift my appearance my intent was to diminish some of the unhappy lines and lift my facial spirits to keep my smiling appeal intact.

The road to smoothing my appearance brought me to discover Dr. Steven Pearlman and his unique Pearl Lift.

I met with Dr. Pearlman's Esthetic Coach, the wonderful Donna Fay Graziano, who evaluated my skin and face. Although many woman of a certain age may jump in full force and take the knife for a complete face lift, after speaking with me Donna Fay knew this was not my intention. I don't mind a few lines, they are who I am, I just want to not look so tired. Donna Fay explained that as we age our faces tend to thin out and hollow. This was certainly my case. With this in mind Donna Fay figuratively unlocked the door and walked me into the fabulous world of Dr. Pearlman's trademarked Pearl Lift; a unique non-surgical lift for the face developed by Dr. Pearlman.

As Dr. Pearlman spoke with me, he was genuinely concerned and understanding of my trepidations entering into this new phase to rejuvenate my tired face. I explained my health issues and worries with fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue and migraines. Dr. Pearlman answered all of my questions with a wealth of his experienced knowledge and kind bedside manner. Being dual board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery added to my confidence that Dr. Pearlman could help me. With his years of experience perfecting his techniques for facial rejuvenation Dr. Pearlman spoke to me of how he married together three minimally invasive anti-aging protocols in order to realize the Pearl Lift experience, a non-surgical facelift process that lasts at least two years.

Dr. Steven Pearlman begins the Pearl Lift with Ultherapy, a micro-focused ultrasound that tightens and tones the facial skin. He then uses the FDA approved filler Voluma, to replace lost volume such as in aged hollowed out cheeks, and some Botox to reduce the look of frown and smile type lines. The trifecta of the Pearl Lift is completed treating the surface of the skin with the Deka Dot CO2 fractionated laser which reduces age spots and reveals a smoother youthful texture.

Excitedly I prepared for beginning my Pearl Lift adventure to reveal a more youthful me. I smiled to myself confident in feeling that the Pearl Lift would enhance and wake up my appearance, and not remove the expressions of happiness from my face that took years for me to achieve.

I made an appointment for the journey to begin as I said my mantra "Never be afraid to dance".

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