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The Quest for the Holy Geocache

The Aurora Fox will present: Spamalot
Aurora Fox

Are you familiar with Geocaching? If not, geocaching is the activity of hunting for hidden objects through the use of your GPS. You look for the hidden objects from coordinates posted on Once you locate the object, you sign your name, sometimes you grab a little toy or trinket, then put it back for the next person to find. It’s like a global scavenger hunt, and it is actually quite a lot of fun. Now, the brilliant marketing minds at the Aurora Fox have come up with a way to bring geocaching to the theatre, to help spread the word about their upcoming musical production of “Spamalot.”

The Quest for the Holy Grail Geocache Game launched on March 20, but there are still two phases left and you can get in on the action. Simply print out a game card on the Aurora Fox website, then download the location coordinates of each Holy Grail cache from the website. Once you find the little container holding each cache, you’ll stamp your game card, grab a little prize or trinket, and use the written clues to determine a specific word. When you’ve found all four caches, you will rearrange the four puzzle words to create a Spamalot-related phrase. The first person to collect all four stamps, solve all four puzzles, complete the word phrase and email a photo of their completed game card to the Aurora Fox wins cash. And it’s a nice cash prize at that - $500, plus an official Holy Grail filled with lots of fun prizes. Second through fifth place finishers will also receive small prizes.

There is still time to get caught up on the first two clues, while the third will be announced very soon. The game was conceived by Patricia Wells, the marketing director for the Aurora Fox. Wells enlisted the help of Justin Clarke, from Visit Aurora, and Jenn Scott, a geocaching expert and volunteer for the City of Aurora. When asked about the concept Scott explains, “It’s a fun way to get the kids away from their video games and enjoy some time outdoors seeing some really cool stuff around the city. They still get to use technology but in a new way. And everyone who plays wins!”

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