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The Queen dismisses Sarah Palin

Pioneers of Alaska Queen Marcel Colp
Pioneers of Alaska Queen Marcel Colp
Dorene M. Lorenz


  • be honest 6 years ago

    humor as a propaganda tool

    feature comedic acts or jokes that support your point of view. Alternatively, feature humor that is in poor taste which supports your point of view or ideological agenda.

    unflattering (or flattering) handles

    corral an entire group of people into a pidgeon hole, by crafting handles that carry positive or negative connotations.


    He is a "conspiracy theorist" (negative connotation) used to tar anyone who contradicts the party line

    He is a "goldbug" (negative connotation) used to subliminally encourage the idea that someone favorable to owning gold is a kook or single minded extremist.

    use the power of words to emphasize or de emphasize acts or information

    The crowd was "peppered" with hellfire missiles

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