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The Pussycat Lounge in Dallas on Tuesday Night

The Pussycat Lounge shot menu
The Pussycat Lounge shot menu
Miranda Wright

From Wikipedia: “The origins of the meaning Pussycat- “The medieval French word pucelle referred to a young adolescent girl or a virgin, although this comes from a slang term for virginity puce (= flea) rather than referring to cats (but cf. French chatte (female cat), a current vulgarism for the female genitalia). In the 17th century, the term was also used to refer to women in general.”

The Pussycat Lounge in Dallas located off Greenville Ave.

Located off the popular Dallas bar hopping street, Greenville Ave., we find Pussycat Lounge squished next to Zen bar, with a small hot pink sign above the door and the black visage of a cat meowing the words “Pussycat Lounge”. It seems small, almost lost as it blinks at visitors along the long stretch of cemented ceiling that connects each bar on Greenville Ave. to the next one.
Inside the club we pass through modern glass doors into a straight, dark wood, shotgun style bar that stands chest high, with leathered swivel chairs that shine back reflections of hot pink lighting accents decorating the wall. Beside the bar is a row of low, red vinyl retro booths for group seating.

On a Tuesday night around seven PM the place is empty. A few employees are sitting around, bored, looking for something to do. Behind the bar huddles a pretty brunette in a black sweater and boy shorts with black stockings and a striped scarf tossed carelessly around her neck. As we take our seats she asks for our drink order and introduces herself. Her name is Chelsea, with a smile she tells us happy hour is from 7-10 and that right now, house wine-Cabernet, Novella is only $7. The rest of the wine prices differ between $7-$9, well liquor at $3 dollars, and draft beer from $3-$5.

We order beer and wine, and then sit back to take in the environment. Above our heads, twinkling in the ceiling, are electronic lights setting the mood, and the whole place smells like exotic incense. On each end of the dark bar, from wood to roof stretches a silver stripper pole. Chelsea tells us that each night she and other bartenders will dance on the bar sometimes 3-4 times a night, getting the place pretty pumped. This is what Pussycat Lounge has become known for, dancing bartenders and good music.

Monday nights are their best nights bringing in between 60-70 people as guest DJs spin or, live bands come in to perform a mixture of everything from Reggae to Jazz. But tonight the jukebox is playing a recorded mix of music and everyone seems to be hanging out for the moment, shaking off the residue of a long day at work.

As time passes a few more people wander in for the happy hour specials, sit down and chat up the friendly girl behind the bar. After a few drinks the place beings to buzz and the hot pink décor starts to feel all warm and fuzzy. The place gets a little louder and people start checking their watches, waiting for the DJ to come in.

It’s Tuesday night and the anticipated crowd is small but the energy feels nice, and we find Pussycat Lounge to be the perfect place for those looking to relax in a pleasant environment after work. Visually arresting with a warm ambiance, Pussycat Lounge is the type of place that sends each customer home purring. So check it out throughout the week. Below is a lineup of their weekly events:

Weekly events:

Sunday- live band playing Reggae
Monday-. live band playing Jazz
Tuesday- live band playing Latino
Wednesday- DJ Snow White
Thursday- live band playing Rock
Friday and Saturday- a mix up of DJ’s and live bands with all performances taking the stage between 9-10.

Drink Special: Be sure to try Pussycat Lounge’s most popular shot the Fat Cat- a mixture of thick and creamy Baileys Irish Cream, amaretto, banana. For any questions or booking information contact the Pussycat Lounge.



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