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The Pursuit of Righteous

What is right?
What is right?

In the mid 18th century, a small band of men, driven by the pursuit of righteousness fought off the most powerful army in the world to start a new nation founded upon a noble idea. A bunch of back country peasants faced an onslaught of well trained soldiers, both on land and sea, and won. How was this possible? It was possible because they were fighting for what was right. The age old story of David and Goliath. Not only were they willing to die for their ideals, but their ideals were righteous.

It is not in style today to declare what is right. It is greeted with accusations of being intolerant, close-minded, and bigoted, and these accusations are justified. If you are for what is right, then you must be against what is wrong, not willing to accept error or tolerate immoral behavior, and down-right prejudiced against evil. Not standing for what is right leaves society in a very weak position, not knowing if its members are being deceived and suspecting that most don't even care.

Not only does this rob the public of thinking through controversial issues, but even the most obvious right behavior, like telling the truth, is no longer a sacred and valued ideal. But what is right? One man's right is not anther’s, or is it?. To even ask this question, demonstrates the extent of the mire we find ourselves in. Conservatives would lean on tradition, whereas Progressives would be opposed to many of those same traditions. That is not to imply that Progressives do not have standards and absolutes.

Environmental preservation and global warming would be such Progressive standards, but here is where the pursuit of righteousness comes into play. God himself set up man as the manager and protector of the environment. Both Progressives and Conservatives would agree that environmental care is moral imperative. What is in dispute is how this is to be accomplished. Opinion, disguised as fact would lead us to conclusions that would take away resources that would interfere with our ability to protect the environment.