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The pursuit for art treasures on the Redondo Beach Pier - continued

Merriment at the pier
Merriment at the pier
Stefani Conniff

The pier as merriment

          Our new day on the pier finds you following the horseshoe to the lower boardwalk. The path wraps around the original Hippodrome carousel building that was designed and constructed by Arthur Looff in December 1925. Now but a shadow of its former glory the octagonal building stands lonely and abandoned, yet hopeful that one day it can be the center of attraction again. An eccentric mural halts your steps and a creepy smiling clown beckons you to enter a world as bizarre as the piece of art suggests. Painted in 1975 by a guy named Wizard, it appears to be a preconceived version of Pennywise beckoning you to ride the ride of the dark inside of the Redondo Beach fun factory. Take the journey into a little bit of creepy, a little bit of janky, a little bit of haunting paired with a lot of nostalgia, plenty of colors, sights and sounds emitted by the sweeping collection of bizarre coin operated artifacts. Watch your handful of quarters vanish in the slots of the glorious old machines – be it on the hurl of the long forgotten tilt-o-whirl, be it on the path of the never forgotten pac-man or be it in the jungle chase to escape the dinosaurs of Jurassic park. This establishment dazzles with treasures in every corner. Walk on the ceiling of history, as you gaze at the array of old political campaign posters, street signs, rendezvous places, beach paraphernalia from the 60’s and oodles of odds and ends strung along the rafters above. Treasures, trinkets and relics from the past allow you to dwell in your childhood memories. And for the last jolt, be the audience of the creepiest puppet show in town that has occupied the furthest, darkest corner of the space since before time.

The pier as nourishment

          After you overload your senses with these sounds, colors and visions of delight, step back out into the serenity of gently lapping waves against pristine white hulls of the boats anchored in the basin III below. Mocking seagulls draw your attention to the art of the creatures of the sea. Emerged in the soft green water, behind the walls of glass, observe orange crusts stacked upon orange crusts, black tentacles gracefully woven around half moon shapes and earthbound stars intertwined in perfect harmony engaging in the creative game of the sea. Embrace the artistic life of creatures that are on display at the Quality Seafood store. This establishment has supplied the South Bay with fresh seafood for the past 40 years. Share a big pile of fresh lobster among your friends or devour the amazing fish and chips meal with a draft beer to the melody of gentle waves caressing the vessels below and the constant chatter of the seagulls above.


This is our day for today; I will be back tomorrow as our path along the boardwalk continues…