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The pursuit for art treasures on the Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier
Redondo Beach Pier
Stefani Conniff

The pier in sunny Redondo Beach

 The California beach-boardwalk-meets-diner-kitsch pier lays quiet as a tree in the endless rolling green of the ocean waves. However as you listen to the soft patter of your feet while exploring the treasures of the present and past, hear the stories being told in the rich and worn patina of the old wooden planks that guide you past colorful stores and historic restaurants.

 The pier as a memory

 A seductive mermaid beckons you to discover Old Tony’s restaurant and bar, one of the oldest establishments at the pier. It’s telltale octagonal shaped wood structure towers over a long clustered framework off buildings, one of which is in a shape of a boat. Below deck enjoy fresh seafood fare amongst authentic seafarer’s kitsch decorations, and to get above deck climb the winding small staircase to the bar where wrapped in the glow of multicolored glass balls, you can enjoy a stiff drink, good companionship and the view of the glorious ocean.

 Your path of treasures continues among the myriad of playfully decorated storefronts out to where patient fishermen find their peace. They stand grounded in the indistinguishable kinship that binds them to the fishermen from the past who where routed to the same spot decades ago, casting the same dreams in the forever of the blue Pacific.

 The pier as a welcoming embrace

 The nostalgic becomes novelty as you leave the part of the old wooden structure and step onto the new path of smooth cement where shadows of water creatures whisper tales of storm and destruction, determination and re-invention. Built with historical references to the preceding piers, this re-enforced concrete structure connects the gift of today with memories of the endless past. The steel and glass shade sculptures designed by architect Edward Beall symbolize the old sailing ships that anchored in the Redondo Beach harbor. Their play of light and shadow accompanies you on your journey of discovery around the pier. For today your feet will find rest at Kincaids, a restaurant located at the end of the path. Here you can enjoy delicious meal enhanced by the orange glow of the setting sun.

 Tomorrow we will explore the fun places of the international boardwalk, a path of delights on the lower deck of the pier.

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