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The purrfect day: Celebrate National Answer Your Cats Questions Day

Kittens and cats are very independent animals with personalities that are extremely unique. For ages they have made the purrfect house pet. Even though their love for you is unconditional they can be finicky, anti-social and hold a grudge. Cats are curious creatures and can be found in the darnedest places doing what pet owners and humans considered strange behavior and acts.

What questions has you cat asked you?

Today is an interesting holiday. It is a day specifically designed towards the pet owner regarding their cat. January 22 is “National Answer Your Cats Questions Day”! This gives the two legged creatures time to ponder what the answers to the questions are if your cat could talk.

What kind of questions would your cat ask?

So many times a cat and the owner have a conversation, both of which speak their natural languages it would be nice if there was a way to convert all the squeaks, meows, screeches and purrs into words we too can understand.

Here are some questions your cat may ask and need answers to:

  1. You don’t really think dogs are the only four-legged animals that can fetch?
  2. Why do you place a great smelling blanket on the bed and chase me out of the room?
  3. Why am I not allowed to sit on top of the china cabinet, refrigerator or bookcase?
  4. Why do you let strangers come into my house?
  5. Why do you insist on petting me when it is obvious I have had enough?
  6. Why do you constantly have to close doors to rooms you know I want to investigate?
  7. Why do you insist on squeezing me into that cage and taking me to that horrible place?

Here are some answers to the questions you can tell your cat when they ask:

  1. To be honest, dogs are known for playing fetch. Until now I didn’t realize that you could also play fetch with that sloth mouse you play with all the time. I am glad you do because it is fun and good exercise for both of us.
  2. This blanket is for our bed and it smells nice because it was just washed and dried with some fabric softener. The reason you are chased off is so that at night we won’t be breathing in cat hair all night long and when you roll around on it you leave way too much fur behind.
  3. For one, we don’t want cat hair falling down upon us every time we open the refrigerator door or getting inside. Second, even though you are agile and have a flexible bone structure you can still get hurt falling from a high place in the house. And last but not least, there are things on top that we definitely don’t want knocked down and broken when you decide you need extra room to stretch out.
  4. Little did you know the house isn’t yours it is ours, you just think you have domain over it. Second, those people aren’t strangers they are friends and relatives whom we love and care for too. There isn’t any reason for you to run and hide only to creep back out later and make friends with them once you feel a sufficient amount of time passed to investigate them.
  5. We know you can be temperamental at times and have limits but it is such a wonderful feeling to have you in our laps and to hear your purr as we pet you we didn’t get out fill of that wondrous feeling and sound even though you might have.
  6. Bedrooms, the baby’s nursery and the bathrooms aren’t rooms you need to be in getting hair all over everything. Those doors are kept closed because we too need some privacy and want to keep them clean from flying fur. You shouldn’t complain since you have the rest of the house to romp and sleep in.
  7. We wouldn’t have to squeeze you in to that cage if you would just relax and get in calmly. As for that horrible place, you aren’t there that long and we take you there to make sure your health is tip-top and get any medication you might need to keep you safe and healthy. It is only for an hour so, what’s the big deal, if it didn’t take that long to find you and get you in the cage you wouldn’t have all that pent up anxiety.

What part of meow don’t you understand?

Meow, meow, meow, purrfect!

Enjoy your cat and have fun talking to them while you celebrate “National Answer Your Cats Questions Day”!

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