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The purpose of the unified awareness explained

Harbor time in Dana Point
Harbor time in Dana Point

What is the purpose of a unified awareness? It is so that you will be able to experience the unity of creation throughout every life experience. When you recognize the unity and feel it is your own person you realize that nothing else ever matters. It is connection above that is the primary goal. After all why would you want to spend your time doing anything that does not get you off the ground. This is the holy intention to bring about the connection between your sense of who you are and the higher sense of all that is.

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Start with what is right. In other words strive to do the right. Serve heaven in this sense. Your actions mug st have as their underpinning the awareness of unity. How is what you are doing promoting a divine connection. When you are helping someone this by definition unites one the person needing the help and two the person giving the help. It is a unity of purpose and when you understand this you will look constantly for opportunities to engage in this kind of holy transaction.

What about your thoughts? How can they be trained into those pathways which are leading ever upwards? The answer is that you focus upon good. Find it in Torah, or find it by piecing together in your mind a chain of associations beginning with some basic truth by which you might apply your understanding to. For example contemplate nature in all its wonder and beauty and feel yourself uplifted by these thoughts. Become aware of the intricate patterns that link together all that is. It is all around you. Your task is to simply pay attention. Everything else that follows from this will be a natural extension of holiness.

Now having a holy intention your mind is set free in the realm of holiness. It is the unity that is calling to you. It is a continuous flow of awareness that you can always tap into. The key is becoming alert to the signs that flow around you.

Wisdom might be said to be the process of unifying where you are with where your aspirations may carry you. At every step you are growing tying together subtle interpretations into the larger picture of all that is. Each realization produces a series of pathways by which you may continue above all the time grounded in the sure knowledge that what you are pursuing is something that has always been meant to be.

View every setback as an opportunity to regroup and reclaim your steps at ever higher levels. Truth and wisdom are natural effects of a mind that is growing in it over all apprehension of the unity above. The term above here is synonymous with ‘all around you.’ Remember wherever you move you are not separate from that which you move through. You are all moving together and the final destination grows closer and closer until all of a sudden you find yourself on another level, a plateau from which your viewpoint transcends all that you have known before. Then after a while you become accustomed to this new place and move on again expecting increasing levels of holiness accepting the journey as your rising destiny.

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