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The purpose of life on earth

The purpose of life on earth is to realize who we are. Traditionally this had been called enlightenment, Self realization, salvation or being born again. The course of Self realization cannot be followed by reason alone or by faith or intuition alone but only in a balanced approach that includes both reasoned thought and intuition. Mankind in this current time is overburdened by thought which produces an overemphasis on doing and achieving whatever is sought in the future. In general, people consider life to be a brief struggle to gain standing among their fellows. People seek name fame and fortune in an effort to be special, to ‘stand out’ or ‘get ahead’ in life.

Self realization or awareness of awareness as identity frees the mind from thought as identity and allows an entirely different understanding to motivate action. The individual becomes completely integrated in the one living Reality that is timeless, and needs no effort to be completely at peace as mankind. Words cannot express the nature of Self Realization and the world’s scriptures and holy books are written to help those who feel incomplete to free themselves from all suffering and negativity. The practice of increasing awareness of ‘what is’ reveals progressive awakening and freedom from the thinking mind which is incessantly forming intelligence into limited concepts thereby keeping the soul bound in the world of thought.

The practice of stillness which is the essence of all meditative practice is the key to opening the highest form of intelligence: intuition. Meditation is concentrated attention with or without specific focus. Most meditative practices have no object and the attentive awareness is on itself as the presence of wholeness

The intention of this reading is to awaken intuition or deepen its presence. It takes concentration of attention to follow the logical sequence of these thoughts but each one has an independent truth which allows the subsequent thoughts their logical sequence. Focusing the attention in this way is the active stillness of the concentrated mind. Stillness of mind is infinitely attractive to the human soul and when thinking mind becomes allied with intuition a sense of peace and joy exists as the finality of understanding.

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