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The Pumpkin Carving Prayer; a fun way to carve your pumkin with the children

Kevin and CK Bright at Pumpkin Patch
Kevin and CK Bright at Pumpkin Patch
Photo by Penny Bright

This is a fun and enlightening way to carve a pumpkin with your children. you might want to clean one half of the inside before you call the kiddos in and go ahead and carve the face just don’t punch them out to make things a little easier but you know your babies patience level so that is your call =0)

Dear God,

As I carve my pumpkin, I pray of you:

Open my mind so I can learn about You;

(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sin and forgive me for the

wrong things I do; (Clean out the inside)

Open my eyes so Your Love I will see;

(Cut eyes, maybe shaped like hearts?)

I'm sorry for turning up my nose to all You've given me;

(Cut a nose)

Open my ears so Your Word I will hear;

(Cut ears)

Open my mouth so I can tell others You're near;

(Cut mouth)

Let Your Light shine in all I say and do! Amen.

(Place a candle and light)



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