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The public speaks

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Willford Patrick

Bravo to the people of Virginia for taking some action in trying to at least make politicians in D.C. remember that there are "people" in their home districts, not just votes and money donations. Eric Cantor is not the first politician to find the atmosphere on Capitol Hill just too nice to go home and actually mingle with the people who put him there. This type of behavior has been going on for years, and is now just a part of the status quo. But every now and again politicians have to reminded, very directly, just who they work for.

And I`m not talking about the big corporations and special interest groups. Even though we all know the truth. Eric Cantor`s defeat in all likelihood, will not change the attitude or the mindset of many of our elected officials. But for Republicans there is another team that they must pay attention to.

The Tea party, no matter how radical some of the candidates have been labeled, are a reason for some long term Republican Senators to stop just going through the routine.

Perhaps another party needs to be added so that the Democratic leaders would have a reason to look over their shoulders as well.