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The Public is the Last to Know that U.S. Stops Sales of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Spotlight on a new law that will effect how the public sees light goes into effect Jan 1, 2014

 Incandescent Light Bulb will no longer be available in the new year.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The US government, among other worldwide governments, are enforcing regulations on the public's choice in lighting the home and workplace. Instead of making incandescent lights more efficient; which with new technology can doubtlessly be done. GE (General Electric) has article explaining the facts of the new Incandescent Law on their website.

"Governments around the world have passed measures to phase out incandescent light bulbs for general lighting in favor of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives. Phase-out regulations effectively ban the manufacture, importation or sale of current incandescent light bulbs for general lighting. The regulations would allow sale of future versions of incandescent bulbs if they are sufficiently energy efficient." - Read More at

"When the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was signed into law in 2007, among its provisions was the eventual phasing out of an icon of 20th-century life: the familiar (but notoriously inefficient) incandescent light bulb, which wastes 90 percent of its energy use as heat, not light.:- Read more at

The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) which was passed in 2007 went unnoticed by the public. If we had known, we would have had years to stock up on the incandescent light bulb. So as of the 1st of January the Federal Government stops the manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs. To much of our chagrin the product will disappear off the shelve and will nolonger be available for purchasing. Many in the community are going out to stock-up on the soon to be off the shelves product, including talk-show host Wendy Williams who is quoted as saying that she has stocked up.

The end to the incandescent lighting may seem like No big deal to those who are uninformed, but there are some objections made by concerned world citizens and world leaders. It was reported by in 2011, in this article link, that Congress overturned the band on incandescent lighting.


Some of the objections are based on the following concerns:

1. The known health and safety risks to the public when exposed to fluorescent light bulbs,
2. Quality of inside lighting by the newer manufactured light sources,
3. The higher costs to the consumer.
4. Dangers to the environment in waste disposal (no safe-way to recycle this product which contains mercury)
5. The regulation of the Free Market by government.

"Objections to replacement of incandescent lamps for general lighting include the higher purchase cost of efficient replacements, the different quality of light produced by phosphor-based lamps compared to incandescent lamps,[9] and that compact fluorescent light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury, a potent neurotoxin, which is especially dangerous to children and pregnant women.[10] Compact fluorescent lamps start poorly when very cold, and most types cannot be dimmed. A few specialist applications are unsuitable for CFLs.

Resistance can also arise because some say that the free market is preferable to regulation, while others say that only government intervention will improve energy efficiency. There are also environmental concerns about mercury contamination with CFLs.[11][12]"- Read More at

A comparison of the choices of light sources can be found in this video link and the dangers of LED ( light-emitting diode) bulbs explained in this video link. Another concern is the possibility that LED light bulbs can be used to spy on the public? This video explains the theory of using a LED light-bulb as a listening device to spy on the public. Incandescent light-bulbs produce static interference when turned on. This theory is not really far-fetched when a new law goes into effect limiting alternatives to having a LED light-bulb in your home. Most have heard the saying Big Brother is Watching, now Big Brother will be listening. The guy in this video link "allegedly shows how it's done".

Other than the scary spying on the home and workplace theory, the health concerns alone should suspend this particular law of energy efficiency. Before enforcing a law that conserves energy, many feel that the health and safety of the public should be considered a higher priority. A safer alternative should found in place of LED and CFL bulbs. This article explains the dangers of CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and its effect on the environment; because there is no known way to recycle them safely.

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