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The pub is a popular spot for the average Brit!

The Daily Star reported today that pubs are, as has long been suspected, one of the main social gathering spots for British citizens young and old.  According to the article, the Welsh drink the most of all Britons, on average visiting their local publican 3,998 times in their lives!  And we Londoners aren't far behind, averaging 3,742 nights (or days) out drinking in a lifetime. 

Relationships have a solid foundation in British pubs, says the Star, with 20% of Brits knowing more about their local pub owner than they do about their neighbors, and half of us hooking up with romantic partners round the old rub-a-dub*.  Of course, 25% of us have broken up in one too.

All further proof that, despite the current economy and the sad sights of boarded windows and painted signs swinging forlornly in the constant London wind, the pub isn't going anywhere fast.  Pubs are a British institution for a reason: they're a cornerstone of the UK social scene. 

After all, if nobody speaks to one another on the tube or in the street, where else can one expect to find a little human contact if not within the walls of a cozy pub?

*Yes, that's Cockney rhyming slang.  Awesome, isn't it?