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The Prowess of Power: Starz's new hit drama

Big rich town, I just come from the poorest part
Big rich town, I just come from the poorest part

One of the best new shows on television is Starz’s drama “Power”. The show follows the story of James “Ghost” St. Patrick. To the upbeat, young, and trendy Manhattan socialites he’s a charismatic and ambiguous club owner. Before the opening of his vivacious club: Truth, he was an unknown. The man is a prism of personality and flare. One surface reflecting his real job; a high ranking drug distributor and the other, presents him as nightlife savant. The club exists wholly to launder funds from his criminal business. However a tide is wavering within James, a new found desire to progress towards legitimacy.
Navigating around James’ shifting outlook is his wife Tasha and his business partner and best friend Tommy. Both individuals have been focal parts of James’ life for decades. Tommy and James went from being foot soldiers, selling product on street corners to commanding a massive network of drug trafficking that spans throughout New York. Tasha supported and enabled James’ ascension up the not so corporate ladder towards his current financial and criminal success. Tasha is submerged in the lifestyle of a drug dealer’s wife and all of the grit, glamor, and hustle that comes with it. Tommy simply knows or desires any other way to make money. They are both engrained and invested in continuing this dangerous way of life. These three main pillars of the show begin to collide in ideology, creating cracks and emotional chasms between them.
The supporting characters do not simply exist to be spectators in the lives of James, Tasha, and Tommy; they also devise a great deal of drama in them. Angela Valdes is a young, educated, lawyer who’s tasked with bringing down a known international drug kingpin. Her special unit’s plan to bring him down is to find his distributor. That individual is James St. Patrick. Angela also was the adolescent girlfriend of James. She left New York City to further her education. They rekindle their romance early in the season. Her return not only spirals James’ domestic life but with each fragment and felonious clue she finds, she gets closer to framing handcuffs on James’ wrists. There’s also a surplus characters that help heighten the tensions of the show whether it’s the staff at Truth, other drug dealers, or the incarcerated former boss of James, Kanan played by 50 Cent.
The show is not simply another cop and drug dealer drama. Yes there are drugs, murder, and violence. But the show is very resonate and sophisticated. It has an amplified cultural consciousness that seamlessly transitions between the urban reality and the chic lifestyle of downtown nightlife. Duality permeates throughout the program. From the landscapes, to the characters conflicting points of views, or domestic life and infidelity, juxtapositions are everywhere. Music and fashion are in the DNA of the show pacing the broadcast and highlighting key moments of storytelling. "Power" is sharp, witty, sexy, and compelling with a statuesque main character whose towering bravado casts an encompassing aura of strength and unflinching stability. However, the crazed plot engages the audience, beckoning them to consider in this world of double-dealings and danger, who really has the power and who merely appears to possess it?