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The Pros of Being in a Relationship

Many people who have been through negative relationships become cynical. They tell their friends and family they are better off being single. Why is that?

People who have been through tough situations in love say that because they feel a relationship is too much work. They say that relationships are hard work. They don't want to go through pain. They can't see that not all relationships are hard work. There actually are benefits of being in a relationship.

One benefit of being in a relationship is being happy. You have that special someone who will give you a rush of excitement. You have someone who cares about you and you can't stop smiling when that special person is around.

Another benefit of being in a relationship is you have someone that cares about you. You have someone who will protect you and be by your side.

The only relationships that are hard work are the ones that are in trouble. A good relationship comes easy. Every now and then there will be fights but a loving relationship there is happiness, trust and love. Those are the relationships that are worth being in a relationship.

So don't listen to any negative advice of how love is bad. Yes being single is better than being in a bad relationship but love is worth the wait. If you have been waiting for that special someone and found him later, waiting is worth it. It's all about timing. Once you find that special someone don't let him go. Embrace the love you have for each other.

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