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The pros and cons of drinking to get drunk

There are many advantages and disadvantages to drinking to get drunk all the time and in this case the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. On a study of a girl who remains anonymous, she used to go out a lot with friends and drink a lot to get drunk. She sat down and set out the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of getting drunk. The cons are being less social, losing a days work, getting sick, being a bad influence, affecting ability to say no, having a bad reaction with medication, having no way home or being in danger if the designated driver drinks, having bad judgement, being exposed to drugs, spending too much money and not paying debts, and affecting family relationships.

The pros are that you can drink with friends which may make you more social, and you can have fun.

Even though she had fun while drinking, she decided she could have the same fun without drinking and socialize without drinking. Trying to become more social without drinking would boost her confidence instead of relying on alcohol. She decided to stop drinking.

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