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The proper way to fire someone


Are you thinking about firing an employee who has turned rotten? There are some tips you should follow to avoid burning bridges and dealing with potential lawsuits. If you’ve recently given the employee positive feedback, consider delivering a stern warning. Give the employee 30 days to change behavior and get back on the right track.

If the employee doesn’t change his or her act, fire early on in the week. This provides the employee with time to quickly tap into his or her network and begin the job hunt. Tell the employee that he or she is being fired “for cause,” but avoid going into details about the grounds for termination. Explain how much severance, if any, he or she will be given. Don’t let the employee linger around—escort them off premises. After the firing, immediately reassign the terminated employee’s responsibilities to other employees, and be sure not to go into details about the firing.

You shouldn’t hold on to a bad employee, but you should make sure you follow these tips before pulling the termination trigger. For more tips, check out this infographic.