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The proper place the holy temple within

Sometimes it is hard to keep things together in your thoughts either because of an inability to avoid or dismiss distractions, lack of focus or even a poor memory. All three are however, needed in order to build the temple within. The question then becomes for what is the purpose of building that temple within? The answer is this is where the throne of the holy one resides. Without making a proper place within, you will not experience to the fullest the awakening of Shekhinta and the place fitting for the Holy One of Israel. Keeping this in mind you will then be above to produce the progression of thoughts that leads to the fulfillment of your holy purpose.

Brightness of Vision

The key to building any planned structure is to have a design in mind that accounts for every stress point and all the contingencies of the materials you use and the tools that are employed to shape those materials into place. Likewise in mind we have materials and tools.

The materials we can call the mind stuff. It has been called the 'power of what' and it is the ability to conceive of what you want to achieve. This conception begins with the awakening of Shekhinta; call Her the foreperson of the job, the one who will make sure your designs are carried out to the letter of your intention.

Shekhinta follows through with your designs by becoming the pathway for those designs to link together with the unity that is Qudsha Brikh Hu for it is this unity that has presented you with your designs in the first place. All inspirations are from above seeking to bring forth more good into the world. What your purpose then becomes after a fashion is to become a channel for the flowing of the undifferentiated substance into the formed and created substance that is acted upon by your intention.

Along the way this undifferentiated substance, this 'what' is shaped by your thoughts both about envisioning the intended result and the means whereby this results appears in the world. It is in this shaping, this forming of thoughts that all perfection or rejection resides. We construct our thoughts via Kabbalah by contemplating Torah, its connections and the sacred symbols of the sephiros and their interactions. What we do in effect is to link our intended thoughts with thoughts of holiness which then become carrier waves for these intended thoughts.

Now a carrier wave does not specify where a thought is going to. It rather indicates a general direction of thought. Still when that general direction is holiness we can assume that our thoughts will be in good company.

Why is it important to be connected above to be in good company with your thoughts mirroring the holy thoughts you come into contact with via Kabbalah and Torah? It is because construction occurs level by level in response to every inspiration that takes you there. For example you have an insight that connects one phrase of Torah or principle to another. This represents a level of meaning that has become transcended. In the same way levels of meaning are transcended so too is the undifferentiated substance made to confirm our intentions level by level meaning by meaning. B"H.

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