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The professor from 'Gilligan's Island' Russell Johnson is dead

Another star from the legendary sitcom "Gilligan's Island" has died. According to a Jan. 17 report by CNN, Russell Johnson who played the professor is dead at age 89. He died Jan. 16 from natural causes; he was seen signing autographs for fans over the Christmas holidays. He is survived by his wife, Connie, and daughter Kimberley. He also had a step-son, Court, and a grandson.

Russell Johnson has died at 89.

Johnson was easily recognizable in his crisp dress shirts with the sleeves slightly pushed up. Many young ladies from the 1960s would admit that they had terrific crushes on the actor.

His resume is interesting; he began acting in the 1950s in a Western called, “Black Saddle.” That ran in the years 1959 and 1960. He played Marshall Gib Scott. In addition to his four years on Gilligan’s Island, Johnson had a big screen role in the moving, “This Island Earth.”

Sadly, Russell Johnson died before fans could see if he ever got together with Mary Anne, which most people saw as likely in the credit file.

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