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The Produce Section, An award -winning environmental HipHop curriculum

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The Produce Section is an award-winning, HipHop (Higher Inner Peace Helping Other People), eco-conscious curriculum, produced by 2013 Denver Westword Mastermind award-winner Dj Cavem Moetavation, featuring collaborative works with artists that work in the sustainability and health field. This curriculum introduces healthy plant-based recipes, the six steps to community organizing and leadership, green job development, urban organic farming, holistic health care, and The Produce Section serves as a continuation of the Going Green Living Bling curriculum, taught to youth and families around health, quality food access, and HipHop.

Educating the youth on healthy eating though their awards winning curriculum. The goal is to address the health epidemic, food access crises, and advocate green jobs development, food production and localization using this curriculum. Planting the seeds (with the youth) is the key to a fruitful future, and we are taking it upon ourselves to provide the youth and community with the education and tools necessary around these issues. Your contribution is vital in making this happen.