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The Process of Pursuing

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In the hustle and bustle of the new year, we can often get lost in the process of pursuing - pursuing the new goals we have set for ourselves, pursuing the advancements we want to see in our career, pursuing the new standards we have set for our health, pursuing the types of relationships we want to have. While having goals is a great place to start, it often becomes a trap that projects us into the future, rather than about creating the life we want in the present.

The challenge is to distinguish from having healthful goals, and becoming attached to those same goals in how we achieve them. For example, having the goal to move to a specific neighborhood is great, but insisting that you need to make a certain amount of money before you can do that is becoming attached to the 'how' that goal of moving is achieved. It limits your conception of how such a move is possible, making the accumulation of a specific amount of money the only way to achieve it. This, in turn, can prevent you from recognizing alternative solutions that come your way, keeping you focused on money (and not having enough of it), rather than on your real goal (moving to that new neighborhood).

By keeping the 'hows' open for discussion, we are open to perceive other more interesting ways that such a move might occur, such as finding an unusual location that may not be desirable to everyone, such as over a storefront, a work/home studio space, a long-term house sitting arrangement, or a shared living situation. This keeps our thoughts on our actual goals, attracting to us (via law of attraction) what we really want, by keeping us focused on what we really want.

Take a look at your own goals for this year, and see how you might be able to loosen your grip on how they may be achieved: give yourself, and the Universe, some wiggle room.

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