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The Process of Aging is not a Disease

Aging is a process that all living organisms must endure. The process of aging is not a disease, however.

Lifestyle changes for health can happen at any age.
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Diseases such as frailty, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and arthritis are not necessarily “age-related” diseases. Younger people can be just as vulnerable to these diseases as elderly people are. Many of these diseases, disorders, and conditions are often brought about through bad lifestyle decisions, including the wrong kind of diet, toxins from the environment, stress, sedentary living, and many other poor lifestyle decisions. Lifestyle changes can be made at any age, however.

When people age, the body begins having trouble digesting food. This problem with digesting food causes the body to have trouble receiving certain vitamins, such as vitamin B. Whole grains and green leafy vegetables are great for the digestion.

Since toxins are so prevalent in today’s society, it is a good idea to keep the digestive system in good working order with antioxidants and supplementation. Enzymes are great for helping the body digest food and to rid itself of toxins.

Homeopathy is another way to keep the mind as well as the body fit. Other helpful processes include acupressure, exercise, reflexology, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and reduction of stress.


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