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The problem with the DREAM Act

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The idea that children should not be punished for their parent’s crime is a legitimate one and is the foundation of the DREAM Act. This legislation, if passed, would allow illegal immigrants brought here as children a pathway to citizenship.

Most Americans agree that holding children accountable for their parent’s choices is unfair, and support the concept of the DREAM Act, so why has it failed to pass time after time?

The problem is that this Bill is not simply about the children but their parent’s and extended family as well. The DREAM Act supports a chain migration provision which would allow for the eventual legalization of the children’s relatives. It is because of this provision that this bill will once again fail.

The majority of Americans will not support any legislation that appears to reward illegal activity with citizenship, however, remove this provision and it might have a fighting chance.

Would you support the DREAM Act if it excluded the provision allowing for chain migration?




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