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The problem with odd numbers


Problem: Being single can often leave you feeling like you are on the outside.  Chances are good that you’ll feel out casted by your married, and nearly married, friends.  They will have couples dates and have inside jokes that no single person could ever possibly understand. We have smaller brains and less world experience, you know…NOT!

Sometimes, especially in a fantastically entertaining city like Chicago, you will feel like a leper on “date night” (which is no longer confined to Friday and Saturday nights.)

Potential cure:  Surround yourself with other singles.  We all need balance in our lives and this may seem like the most “duh” suggestion I could possibly give, but it’s valid.  Sometimes we cling to our “taken” friends because we want to believe in being guilty by association (in a way.)  We think, maybe they’ll rub off on us and we’ll end up engaged and happy with a house and a dog.  Then, without warning, BAM…we feel even worse about ourselves than we did in the start. Surrounded by pairs, we end up feeling more alone than before.

By no means should you give up on being the 3rd, 5th, or even 7th wheel every now and then.  A true friend is a true friend whether or not he/she is married or in a serious relationship.  But take my word for it, eventually they will want it to be just them or just them plus two.  It is at that moment that you need to stand tall and refuse to give into the temptation of feeling like you have some sort of physically disabling disease that keeps all the “normal” people from wanting to spend date nights with friends instead of lovers. 

You’re single. You’re “odd.”  Embrace it with the other oddballs in Chicago.  Might I suggest a boys/girls night out to a high-energy hot spot like Le Passage on Rush Street?  The packed dance floor is the perfect canvas for an anonymous night out.  A more low-key suggestion of mine would be Dirty Martini on Hubbard.  It’s a great place to go for some delicious martinis and an inviting atmosphere to relax and vent to friends about the ups and downs of being a single.