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The problem with Hobby Lobby

First, let's begin by recognizing that this is an economy where people can't be particularly picky about jobs. I've seen people with experience and the education to back it submitting edited résumé out of fear of being viewed as over-qualified. Secondly, the same people that are making such a fuss over Hobby Lobby's decision that they have the right to put their religious will over their employees will never fill in the void if these current employees actually had the option of just "walking away".

I personally have been exposed to people who either don't have a religious belief system or have one that is confusing at best. I actively avoid both types as they are both imposing and demanding. I don't want to imagine a world where people like that have power over my healthcare. My religion has its own very strict beliefs, but those are for me because despite whatever lead me to join this faith, I still chose to do it. There is a growing confusion in America that freedom of religion means freedom to impose religion. I once spoke with a nurse who was concerned that her religious freedoms were being denied. After talking to her a bit, it turned out that what bothered her so much was that she wasn't allowed to evangelize on duty. I never got to ask her something that truly bothered me, which was why wasn't she doing her very critical job. The vast majority of the South is Christian so trying to re-evangelize someone who might already be Christian anyway (and didn't ask for your religious input) was a self-serving gesture that is ironically far from the Christ ideal.

Hobby Lobby (who also ironically has items in its investment portfolio that support companies that actually create abortion pills, not just birth control) is pushing for something that can easily become a very dangerous gateway law. The Supreme Court has already declared that corporations are people, which is insane. A ruling in Hobby Lobby's favor could give corporations even more power over real people by giving them the right of conscience. In addition, the people pushing and supporting this potential gateway ruling keep forgetting that a.) the United States is not a Christian nation and b.) The United States isn't their brand of Christian in addition to not being Christian. There are religions that don't believe in medical care at all . Should they be allowed to determine the fate of their employees? And what about the employees' religious rights? Is a corporation considered to be a greater "person" than actual human beings?

For some reason that remains foreign to me, a strong sect in the religious right feels persecuted because they cannot be free to persecute and impose. That is not freedom of religion. They feel threatened by a changing world that never resembled the idealized vision that they cling to now. Obamacare explicitly has a line in it that does not allow for it to pay for abortions, and this fact is ignored in the face of this need to be all-consumed by a fear-based frenzy. What is at play is that SCOTUS is giving corporations all of the perks of being a human without any of the responsibility.

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