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The Primary Race for Governor

Michigan's Capitol
Michigan's Capitol

                                                          Primary Election Results 
The participants in the November Governor’s race have been decided by 20% of Michigan’s voters. The turnout was extremely light. I was voter number 44 at my polling place at 10AM. There was no line and I walked right in. It is so amazing that so many people take the right to vote for granted despite the struggles different groups have endured to gain the right. Voter apathy is alive and well.
The contenders will be the so-called angry Mayor from Lansing, Virg Bernero, 46 and the Millionaire Nerd, Jay Snyder, age 53. Both men are relatively unknown in Michigan politics.
The voters in Oakland County were pretty evenly split between the Democratic candidates. It was pretty close: 53% for Bernero and 47% for Dillon. The Republican Candidates were more split due to the number of candidates Snyder won by 37%. He really outpaced his closest opponent, Hoekstra at 20%.
What we really hope for in Michigan is an intelligent discourse on the issues, not name calling and dirty politics. Please give us a sane election season so voters can decide based on what matters to them rather than who can sling the most mud.
These newcomers were probably selected because the voters are weary of career legislators engaging in partisan divisive arguments instead of working for the people. One very important plan they need to formulate is an urban agenda. Virg Bernero is in line with it but Snyder did not return calls from the Free Press to explain his urban agenda.
Bernero styles himself as a champion of the people. He is pro union and pro manufacturing. He has a family history on the east side of Detroit. Snyder contends that he is a job maker. His immediate focus will be to unite his fractured party behind him. Both candidates must focus on the economy in our beleaguered state and how to improve it.
Here’s hoping for a meaningful campaign.


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