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The Price of Leadership and Breaking Patterns

Courage to sign.
Courage to sign.

Hot dogs and fireworks are now a fading memory. However, the freedom we celebrate on The Fourth of July and the leaders who signed the Declaration of Independence need to be remembered and honored every day of the year. So take a minute to think past the parties, the food, the bright sparklers, the store wide special sales in the malls, and answer the question “Would YOU have signed your name to a piece of paper that could mean losing everything?” Take a minute and think back to those leaders who did just that.

Think about what courage it took to put pen to paper and say “It will stop with me.”

A group of 56 men put everything they owned on the line for a bigger vision of what really matters. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

FREEDOM is a word we take for granted today. And yes, with all the disappointments and concerns with our government, we still have more freedom than many, many parts of this hot and crowded world. So, take a minute and answer this question: “What would you do?”

Could you be a leader who risks your possessions, maybe even your life for the far away vision of such an abstract idea as freedom? Stop for a moment and consider what it would have been like to write your name on a document that would make you an enemy to a big part of your heritage. After all, the men who signed the Declaration had their roots in England.

No one was forced to sign, they chose to do so. Would YOU have the courage to choose a new way?

The 56 were lawyers, merchants, and farmers. They had homes and families. They also had a dream. The dream of being free and independent to make their own choices. They wanted what we all want now: to be able to live our lives with our families and our friends in peace and prosperity. They wanted to choose their leaders not be told by a king they had not voted into office what they could and could not do.

Many lost their homes and many were imprisoned. Only a few, like Thomas Jefferson are remembered today. Yet, they were the heroes on whose shoulders we stand.

“What would YOU do?”

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