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The press remains mostly mute of attacks on religious freedom

There are clear examples of media bias on reporting from both sides of the aisle.
There are clear examples of media bias on reporting from both sides of the aisle.

Abridging religious freedom has become so common that the press either does not consider these attacks newsworthy or the press does not care.

The left leaning liberal media has an obvious dislike toward religious organizations since these groups tend to be conservative. The acceleration of resistance against God and traditional religious standards have increased substantially under the Obama Administration, a strange result from a president claiming to be Christian.

Unprecedented access by left winger of the gay agenda to the White House during the first four years should have been a signal of things to come. Obamacare designers went out of their way to exclude any religious exemptions which would guarantee a constitutional showdown at the Supreme Court. Our military began implementing policies that would restrict religious expression in the armed forces.

Leftist groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center began churning out anti-religious diatribe on behalf of training session for the military. Haters of religion and Christianity had the ear of the Pentagon.

Hardly a graduation period goes by where colleges, high schools, and lower education venues routinely suppress religious expression even though it is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

While the press is pumping up the music on gay rights and reports practically anything that appeals to the talking points of the gay agenda, the media is remarkably silent on attacks to religious freedom.

Dog piling on the CEO of Mozilla? Censoring a black director from his Pasadena job because of what he said 8-years ago in a sermon? The culture war has surely increased the pressure on those expressing their religious preferences by dealing out punishment for incorrect thinking.

Meanwhile the press continues to focus on inconsequential stories that are far less newsworthy than the increased attacks on our US Constitution. A good portions of the political scandals hitting the White House have direct and indirect impact on religious freedom, however the media has all but looked the other way regarding the significance of events.

The IRS claims to have lost all the emails that went to the White House, Justice Department, and other critical government agencies that were important in the congressional investigation in the latest drama.

Although a hot topic, the story was buried in many newspapers if reported at all since it deals mostly with targeting religious organizations and conservative groups. Some believe the release of the five Taliban detainees for a deserting American soldier was a planned distraction from the IRS hearings.

Media sympathy towards religious organizations and conservative groups for having their religious rights at risk hardly is bringing a tear from the media which has anti-religious sentiments.

Evangelical Christians and traditional religious groups have the wrong political position on the majority of media favorites as gay rights, abortion, capital punishment, immigration, and law enforcement so any action that diminishes the strength of these non-profit organizations is fine with the great majority of those in the press.

As our civil rights erode, the factionalized climate in this country is the worst in memory. The divisiveness in Congress is so toxic thanks to those as Harry Reid who have only increased the lack of cooperation among the political parties. Reid claiming presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not pay taxes in 10-years is an example of the poison spewed out.

The Democratic convention voted God off its platform and then complained bitterly when there were attempts on the floor to have God put back in. Three inconclusive votes and the floor speaker rammed the measure through to keep Obama from embarrassment.

There was hardly a word mentioned the following day in the media.

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