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The presidential history of beer

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Everybody knows that the White House has been home to many important people throughout the years; however, did you know that many of these important people liked beer.

Barack Obama - Yes it is true that he is the first person in the White House to brew beer; however, he is not the only President to dabble in the beer world.
George Washington - His beer of choice was a lager beer and brewed beer on his plantation to last year around. A recipe found by the New York Public Library shows how in 1757, how George Washington brewed his beer.

To make Small Beer:
• Take a large sifter full of bran hops to your taste
• Boil these three hours then strain into a cooler
• Put in 3 gallons of molasses while the beer is scalding hot or rather drain the molasses into the cooler and strain the beer on while boiling hot
• Let stand till it is little more than blood warm, then put in a quart of yeast if the weather is cold, cover it over with a blanket and let in work in the cooler 24 hours.
• Then put it into the cask leave the hole open till it is almost done working and bottle it that week it was brewed

Thomas Jefferson - was also known for brewing beer at his home in Monticello, in fact when he got older he focused a large amount of studies on brewing and built the most up to date brew house during that time.
James Madison - This former President actually wanted to start a government run brewery and wanted to establish a secretary of beer position in the cabinet.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Everybody knows that he is the one who legalized the sale of 3.2% alcohol which lead to the fall of prohibition.
Jimmy Carter - He made brewing beer and wine at home legal again for the first time since prohibition.
Not all former people from the White House have liked beer though, Woodrow Wilson started prohibition and Rutherford B. Hayes banned all beer and other alcohol from the White House (because of his wife). So now that you know a little more about beer history, enjoy your beer and drink safe.

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